Long Shot

Grade: A

Seth Rogen usually takes on the stoner comedy movies and executes with perfection.  Long Shot is no different.  Although it is not that much of a stoner comedy but more of a comedy with a great message behind it.  Long Shot is a love story at its core but carries with it a message to stand up for who you truly are and and what you truly believe in, never compromising (or apologizing) no matter where the pressure is coming from.  

Fred Flarksy (played by Seth Rogen) is a journalist from a small and very liberal news source.  When his company gets bought out by a big conservative company, he sticks to his ideals and beliefs and quits.  He does not want to have any part in conservative media. Flarsky ends up running into the Secretary of State, Charlotte Field (played by Charlize Theron) at a party and they have a past that gets jogged back into memory.  Field needs someone to write her speeches in order to gain popularity in the polls because she wants to become President of the United States and she needs the endorsement of the incumbent President Chambers (played by Bob Odenkirk).  I can’t go further story wise than that because it would be giving too much away.

Rogen and Theron have great chemistry on screen and fuel a brilliant script with jokes that will make you laugh the entire movie!  Looking at Field and Flarsky, you would not place them together as a couple just based on their looks and the movie does take a few jabs at that fact.  Flarsky is a windbreaker wearing, somewhat slovenly looking dude contrasted with the much more sophisticated Field. The look alone of them together will make you smile and laugh!  

Long Shot has a fun premise that will keep you laughing throughout the entire 115 minute run time.  There are no dull moments that I can think of and you are simply entertained the entire way.  While you are laughing, the movie will make you take a look at your morals and values as a character is tested throughout the whole movie.  The message is a powerful one and it would make the world of politics a better place because of right now, that world is filled with snake like people that can be bought.   I apologize for being late with this review as the movie came out back on May 3rd but I was super busy that weekend and I was not able to see it at that time.  Since the movie is so good, it will have good “legs” and it should be in the theaters for a long time. Do not miss one of the best Summer comedies of the year!  Grab a friend or bring the whole family (those of age for an R rated movie of course) and go see Long Shot.  You will laugh a ton and walk out of the theater as a better human being.

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