Keep an Ambulance on speed dial for this white knuckle thrill ride! It ROCKS!

Grade: A+… Michael Bay’s latest 2.5 hour, non-stop, over the top, action-packed adventure is one ambulance ride that you will enjoy on the edge of your seat.

Ever since I saw The Rock, back in 1996, I have always been a fan of Michael Bay’s work. He is an incredible director with a keen eye who can manage to capture absolute chaos with unparalleled beauty. The Rock featured a few gorgeous sweeping slow motion shots of helicopters hovering over the San Francisco Bay as the sun was setting. Having seen many action movies in my life, there has rarely been a shot that has occurred in an action movie living up to the beauty in that iconic shot.

The directing and cinematography of The Rock has resonated with me ever since 1996 and I was hooked on Bay’s unique style. Going into a Michael Bay film, you know what you’re going to get. You buckle up for high octane car chases, explosions, glass breaking all over the screen, more explosions, loud gun fire, even more explosions, some comedic relief in really tense situations, and just an all around good movie going experience. He has, for the most part, delivered quality in his career.

In his latest work, Ambulance, the audience is once again treated to textbook Michael Bay and that is a very good thing! The main difference that separates Ambulance from his previous work is that in films past, Bay has peppered in car chases throughout the movie. In Ambulance, the chase IS the movie and you are taken along for the chaotic ride whether you like it or not. A majority of the movie takes place inside the rogue Ambulance and the cars that are chasing it through all of Los Angeles. That is pretty much it and it is highly entertaining!

Ambulance’s plot is simple and while it may sound thin, it is anything but. Ambulance is about a botched bank robbery that includes innocent lives that were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Eiza Gonzalez all do an incredible job of acting in their respective roles. With all the chaos surrounding them throughout the movie, all the actors effectively passed on the craziness to the audience. They will keep the viewer on the edge of their seats all the way until the credits run truly bringing the viewer into the movie.

Based on Bay’s pedigree, it was of no surprise that the cinematography in Ambulance is top notch. Ambulance includes many creative and breathtaking shots all throughout Los Angeles. Paired with a rocking IMAX sound system, it truly is an experience you will not soon forget.

Grab your closest paramedic friend, find the biggest IMAX screen you can find, and rush over to the theater to experience Ambulance. It is well worth the white knuckles at the end of the movie! It ROCKS!

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