Return to Miramar with Top Gun: Maverick!

Grade: A+… I will never forget the first time I saw the 1986 “Top Gun” movie. The opening of the movie hooked me from the start. Mimicking the gestures of the crew navigating the planes taking off the aircraft runway was a thing for me as a kid. Since then, I cannot count how many times I have seen the movie but I do know that I will never get tired of it. A few years ago, I was finally able to view it on the big screen in a loud Dolby Theater. Needless to say, when I heard rumblings of another Top Gun movie coming out, I was beyond excited!

Thirty six years have passed since “Top Gun,” and on May 27th, 2022, Tom Cruise finally delivered “Top Gun: Maverick.” This was one movie that I was really chomping at the bit to see but COVID helped to extend the already super sized wait.

In my opinion, “Top Gun: Maverick” ended up being better than the original movie so the wait was very much worth it in the end. Tom Cruise usually delivers quality so it was not surprising that “Top Gun: Maverick” was so good! Cruise must have personally gone over the movie with a fine toothed comb because every frame is perfection. The cinematography was excellent as well as the roaring sound of the fighter planes whizzing by the screen.

Following a very similar story line as the first movie paired with very similar new characters, the audience is treated to a great time at the movies. “Top Gun: Maverick” kicks up the humor and it also relies a great deal on nostalgia from the 1986 classic. Even the opening of “Top Gun: Maverick” is the same as the original movie. Music and font included. It was a smart move to rely heavily on nostalgia because once you see the familiar opening scene, it gets you into the mindset of “This really is another Top Gun movie and it is going to be a wild ride!” It also gets you really amped for what you are about to experience on screen.

Anyone who writes “Top Gun: Maverick” off as “just another skippable sequel” would be making a grave mistake. This movie is not to be missed and it may have quite the presence during Oscar season. Round up your friends and go see the best movie of the summer, possibly the year!

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